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Counseling Psychologist


About Me:

Vanya, a compassionate psychologist, has positively impacted diverse settings including government hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics, NGOs, schools,
universities, and career counseling consultancies. With an empathetic approach, she fosters safe spaces for individuals to explore and grow, promoting well-being and
empowerment across various life domains.

My Qualifications:

– M.A. Psychology
– Diploma in Guidance and Counseling

My Expertise:

– Stress and anxiety
– Depression, Academic challenges
– Career Counseling
– Relationship challenges
– Sleep issues
– Body image
– Overthinking
– Inferiority complex
– Family therapy
– Substance abuse
– Dream analysis
– Handwriting and signature analysis

Thoughts that I can Help:

– I am not able to figure out my identity
– I feel lonely despite being in friends
– I feel worthless

Special Therapeutic Approaches:

– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy( CBT)
– Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT)


– Dream Analysis
– Graphology( Handwriting and signature analysis)
– Art Therapy (Patterns)

I Speak In: English and Hindi

1 Session is of 50 Minutes
Therapy Session Price:
INR 599

Timings of Consultancy:
Thursday to Saturday
7PM to 11PM

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