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Rescheduling, Refund & Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required for rescheduling or cancellation of an appointment. Without such notification, fees will be charged to the client as follows:
a) Cancellation within 24 hours of appointment: 100% of the fee will be payable for the session
b) Missed Appointments: 100% of the fee payable for the session
c) The client may avoid a cancellation or missed appointments if the client and Cognitive Revolutions are able to reschedule within the same week as dictated by therapist’s/counsellor’s/psychologist’s schedule and availability, but the client has the responsibility to do this prior to 24 hours of booking an appointment

If a client requests to reschedule a session at the beginning with the therapist, they will have to make a new booking through Cognitive Revolutions, as rescheduling is not granted once the session starts, and clients are not entitled to rescheduling without rebooking.
In case of cancellation by the therapist/counsellor/psychologist, the therapist/counsellor/psychologist with whom user has booked a paid session via Cognitive Revolutions website, has not been able to meet the client, the client will need to write to us at Support@cognitiverevolutions.com within five (5) days from the occurrence of such an event; in which case, 100% fee paid for the session shall be refunded to the user within the next six (6) business days in the mode of original of payment done by the user while booking, or alternatively the therapist/counsellor/psychologist shall adjust the fee paid towards a rescheduled session.
To cancel or reschedule a session the user shall do so by writing to us at support@cognitiverevolutions.com, any notification or communication beyond office hours (10:00 AM to 6:00 PM IST) shall be treated to be made the subsequent day.
The client will not be entitled to any refunds in cases where, the therapist/counsellor/psychologist is unable to meet the user at the exact time of the scheduled appointment time and the client is required to wait, irrespective of the fact whether the user is required to wait or chooses not to obtain the counselling/therapy from Cognitive Revolutions from the said therapist/counsellor/psychologist.
If the client fails to cancel as per above clauses and doesn’t attend the counselling session at the scheduled time, then the client shall not be eligible for refund of fees or rescheduling.
Refunds shall be made through the mode of in which the payment was made by the client to Cognitive Revolutions and will be subject to the payment service provider terms and conditions.